The Crush

Character: Darian Forrester

Directed by: Alan Shapiro

Written by: Alan Shapiro

Produced by: James G. Robinson

Cast Members: Cary Elwes, Jennifer Rubin, Kurtwood Smith, Amber Benson

Released date: April 2, 1993

Genre: Drama, Thriller

Duration: 1h 29min

Writer Nick Eliot (Cary Elwes) moves to a new city for a magazine job and rents a room in the house of Cliff (Kurtwood Smith) and Liv Forrester (Gwynyth Walsh), whose 14-year-old daughter, Adrian (Alicia Silverstone), instantly makes her attraction to Nick clear. While Nick romances photographer Amy Maddik (Jennifer Rubin) at work, he has trouble fending off Adrian's advances. As her obsession with Nick grows, Adrian becomes angry at being rejected and starts attacking his property and friends.


• What Adrian wants, Adrian gets.
• He thought it was just a crush. He was dead wrong.
• He was 28. She was 14. He was the man of her dreams. She was his worst nightmare.


• When the movie was edited for TV, Alicia Silverstone’s character’s name changed from Darian to Adrian. Screenwriter Alan Shapiro had based the film on actual events that happened to him and ended up being sued by the girl he wrote about, who had the same name as his “fictional” character.
• Alicia Silverstone became an “emancipated minor” at age 15 during the shooting of the film meaning she was legally on her own and not a dependent of her parents. This way she could avoid child labor laws, which would have restricted how many hours she could work on the film.
• Alicia Silverstone’s feature debut.
• All of Alicia Silverstone’s nude scenes were done by a body double.
• Alicia Silverstone won 2 MTV awards for her performance in the film for breakout performance and villain.
• The cast and crew put on a party for Alicia Silverstone’s 16th birthday before filming started.

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