The Babysitter

Character: Jennifer

Directed by: Guy Ferland

Written by: Guy Ferland, Robert Coover

Produced by: Joel Schumacher, Kevin J. Messick, Matt Hinkley, Spencer Franklin, Steve Perry

Cast Members: Jeremy London, J.T. Walsh, Lee Garlington, Nicky Katt

Released date: October 17, 1995

Genre: Drama, Thriller

Duration: 1h 30min

Jennifer (Alicia Silverstone) is a lovely teen who has been hired to baby-sit the kids of Harry Tucker (J.T. Walsh) and his wife, Dolly (Lee Garlington). The Tuckers go to a party and proceed to get inebriated, with Mr. Tucker fantasizing about his beautiful baby sitter. Meanwhile, Jack (Jeremy London), her boyfriend, and Mark (Nicky Katt), another guy interested in her, decide to spy on Jennifer at the Tucker house, with each young man also fixated on her.


• It’s All In Your Mind


• Alicia Silverstone is rumoured to have turned down the part in this film on numerous occasions. She finally agreed after her nude scenes were removed.

Script developed by Never Enough Design