The Baby-Sitters Club (Episodes Guide)

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1.01 – Kristy’s Great Idea July 3, 2020
Directed by: Lucia Aniello Written by: Rachel Shukert

Kristy realizes the potential profit in babysitting agencies when her mother Elizabeth is unable to find a sitter, so she decides to form a club including herself, best friend Mary Anne, Claudia and Stacey. Elizabeth announces that she will marry her long-term boyfriend Watson, which causes Kristy to express her unhappiness. When Watson calls the Baby-Sitters Club asking them to look after his children, Mary Anne agrees to do it since Kristy refuses. Stacey says that she cannot do it since she will be in New York with her parents for a last-minute trip. Kristy however, later sees her in town and realizes that Stacey has lied, but keeps it to herself. Watson recommends the club to his friends and they receive a surge of babysitting jobs.

1.02 – Claudia and the Phantom Caller July 3, 2020
Directed by: Lucia Aniello Written by: Rachel Shukert

Claudia gets asked to a school dance by classmate and crush, Trevor. Claudia’s parents learn that she is failing in algebra, and her older sister Janine informs them of the dance she wishes to attend. She suggests that Claudia only be allowed to attend if she passes her upcoming algebra exam. When she fails, Stacey suggests she take her passed test and claim that it’s hers. Claudia initially goes along with the idea in order to see Trevor at the dance, but she later tells her parents the truth and is not allowed to go. Mary Anne’s father is angry when she returns home from babysitting twenty minutes late, and he swaps her smartphone for an older model. Kristy expresses disapproval of his overprotective treatment to Mary Anne, who makes a jab about Kristy’s absent father. While at the dance, Stacey learns of a rival agency of older girls that are stealing the club’s clients.

1.03 – The Truth about Stacey July 3, 2020
Directed by: Andrew DeYoung Written by: Joanna Calo

The Baby-Sitters Club encounters a rival group, The Baby-Sitters Agency, made up of older teenagers who have no curfews and can drive themselves. Due to these advantages, the BSC slowly begins to lose clients to the Agency. Meanwhile, Stacey is revealed to have type 1 diabetes and has an insulin pump. Due to insecurity, she keeps it a secret from the girls. Soon, the Agency shows their immaturity when Stacey catches one of their assigned kids playing in the street, as his uninterested sitter is with her boyfriend. Stacey, recognizing the danger of such carelessness, calls the child’s mother to report the incident. The Baby-Sitters Agency retaliates by sending a video of Stacey (while she was living in New York) having a diabetic seizure, to the BSC’s clients. Stacey is forced to admit her condition to the girls, who are sympathetic. They contact all their clients for a sit-down meeting and Stacey explains her situation to them. After being assured that Stacey has her condition properly managed, the parents decide that they prefer the mature and educational technique of the Baby-Sitters Club compared to the laziness of the Baby-Sitters Agency. Thus, their club business is revived once again.

1.05 – Dawn and the Impossible Three July 3, 2020
Directed by: Heather Jack Written by: Rheeqrheeq Chainey

Mary Anne brings Dawn to a club meeting, where Kristy reluctantly agrees to make her a member if she can deal with the difficult Barrett family. Richard invites Sharon for dinner, where he allows Mary Anne to make tweaks to her bedroom. However, he’s angry to learn they are changing the room completely, since his late wife had originally decorated it. Dawn struggles with the Barrett family when Natalie, a newly divorced mom, begins to take advantage of her services. She asks Kristy for advice, who tells her to be sterner. When one of the kids goes missing while on the job, a panicked Dawn calls Kristy, who runs over as the police are called. The girls learn that the boy’s father had picked him up for his routine swimming lesson, and they realize Natalie forgot to inform them. An upset Kristy confides in Dawn that her father left and has not talked to her in over a year. After this, Dawn is made an official BSC member and her mother tells off Natalie for being irresponsible.

1.06 – Claudia and Mean Janine July 3, 2020
Directed by: Linda Mendoza Written by: Jade Chang

Claudia and Dawn redecorate Mary Anne’s room. Mary Anne claims she likes it but secretly doesn’t. She finally tells them the room does not feel right, and after some thinking, they decide to re-hang a caricature of Mary Anne’s mother. While playing a game with Janine and Mimi, Claudia gets into an argument with Janine about her lack of compassion. Stressed from the argument, Mimi leaves the room and suffers a mild stroke. She is taken to the hospital, where she wakes up speaking about her experiences in Manzanar, a detention camp for Japanese-Americans during World War II. Claudia is upset that Janine can communicate with Mimi in Japanese, while she cannot; however, the experience brings the sisters closer. At an art fair, Claudia is told by an industry professional that her art should mean something to her, so she decides to draw Mimi as a young girl in Manzanar. The club receives a call requesting a week-long babysitting gig.

1.08 – Kristy’s Big Day July 3, 2020
Directed by: Kimmy Gatewood Written by: Rachel Shukert

The club discuss their plans to attend summer camp together, with the exception of Claudia who will be attending art camp. Claudia later decides to postpone art camp so that she can be with the club over the summer. Kristy is shocked by the lavish lifestyle that Watson is exposing her family to, including buying her brother a new BMW (which her mom reluctantly permits), an expensive wedding and moving the family into a much larger house. Kristy tries on her dress for the wedding, but is uncomfortable with it. Watson reassures Kristy that it can be changed to suit her liking, buying her a new dress. Upon learning the original dress cost $800, Elizabeth accuses Kristy of being spoiled, to which Kristy claims she did not want her mother to get married at all. While at the afterparty, Kristy gets her first period and hides in the bathroom. All of the club members support her as she copes with her life’s new changes. Elizabeth and Kristy apologize to each other and reconcile just before she leaves for her honeymoon.