The Art of Getting By

Character: Ms. Herman

Directed by: Gavin Wiesen

Written by: Gavin Wiesen

Produced by: Darren Goldberg, Gia Walsh, Kara Baker, P. Jennifer Dana

Cast Members: Freddie Highmore, Emma Roberts, Michael Angarano, Elizabeth Reaser, Sam Robards, Rita Wilson, Blair Underwood

Released date: June 17, 2011

Genre: Drama, Romance

Duration: 1h 23min

George (Freddie Highmore) is a senior at a posh Manhattan prep school, but his disaffected attitude leaves little room for toeing the line. He'd rather doodle and read philosophy, and he strenuously avoids his parents (Rita Wilson, Sam Robards) whenever possible. Unfortunately, George's attitude is endangering his chances of graduating. Then he meets Sally (Emma Roberts). George finds himself falling in love with her, but an older artist (Michael Angarano) adds a complication to the mix.


• The toughest lesson is love.
• Everybody’s got some.

Script developed by Never Enough Design