Suburgatory (Episodes Guide)

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1.19 – Entering Eden April 18, 2012
Directed by: Gail Mancuso Written by: Patricia Breen

George begins dating Eden, a woman he met at the town’s farmer’s market. George later finds out that Eden is going to be the surrogate mother of Noah and Jill’s child. Tessa helps Dalia find Dallas’ missing dog, which their counselor Mr. Wolfe had found and wants to keep as his own.

1.20 – Hear No Evil May 2, 2012
Directed by: Peter Lauer Written by: Andrew Guest

George signs a contract promising Noah that he will not have sexual relations with Eden until she gives birth to the Werners’ child. George becomes concerned about Tessa when she becomes more enthusiastic about working at Dallas’ store. Lisa starts to believe that she was adopted by Fred and Sheila.

1.21 – The Great Compromise May 9, 2012
Directed by: Randy Zisk Written by: Charlie Carlisle, Aimee Jones

Eden moves in with George and Tessa, shaking up the household. Sheila may be compromising Noah’s relationship with Eden. Malik and Lisa look into attending a summer camp.

1.22 – The Motherload May 16, 2012
Directed by: Ken Whittingham Written by: Emily Kapnek

The residents of Chatswin have an all-out celebration for the town’s moms, leaving a void for Tessa. Dalia wants to go to Israel for Mothers’ Day without Dallas. George and Eden attend a baby shower for Noah and Jill, but Eden is taken aback by the Werners’ endangered animal theme. Fred surprises Sheila with a performance by her favorite artist, while Lisa discovers that Ryan was adopted.