Miss Match (Episodes Guide)

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1.01 – Pilot September 26, 2003
Directed by: Darren Star Written by: Jeff Rake

Kate Fox is a successful divorce lawyer, but emotionally at odds with her rarer gift, as matchmaker, which neither fits with the profession’s image nor with her dad (and the firm’s boss)’s no-nonsense approach to spare nobody, as indeed even the clients often lie and cheat even them. Meanwhile her excessive work hours are hell on her private love life.

1.02 – Who’s Your Daddy? October 3, 2003
Directed by: Steven Miner Written by: Jeff Rake

Kate tries to set up two working professionals with each other. At the practice, she helps a young man to establish fatherhood of his ex-girlfriend’s baby boy.

1.03 – Something Nervy October 10, 2003
Directed by: Allison Leddi-Brown Written by: Jeff Rake

Kate meet Serena, a school friend from high school with an attitude problem.

1.04 – Kate in Ex-tasy October 17, 2003
Directed by: Randall Zisk Written by: Jeff Rake, Darren Star

An engaged couple wish to go on dates with others before getting married.

1.05 – I Got You Babe October 24, 2003
Directed by: Tom Moore Written by: Sherri Cooper

A bride-not-to-be is sued by her ex-boyfriend when their wedding is canceled.

1.06 – Addicted to Love November 7, 2003
Directed by: Michael Lange Written by: David Schulner

Kate help a client to fall in love for the first time in her life.

1.07 – Jive Turkey November 14, 2003
Directed by: Dennis Erdman Written by: Jeff Rake

Kate ask her divorced parents to get together at her house on Thanksgiving.

1.08 – The Love Bandit November 21, 2003
Directed by: Arvin Brown Written by: Jed Seidel

Kate agrees to arrange a date for a lesbian gallery owner. One of her clients scams Kate’s doctor and Kate take him to court.

1.09 – Bad Judgment December 5, 2003
Directed by: Timothy Busfield Written by: Jacquelyn Reingold, David Schulner

No Plot Available

1.10 – Santa, Baby December 12, 2003
Directed by: Arlene Sanford Written by: Jeff Rake, Jed Seidel

No Plot Available

1.11 – Who’s Sari Now? December 15, 2003
Directed by: Jamie Babbit Written by: Allison Robbins

No Plot Available

The last 6 episodes have no information available because they never went on air.