Love’s Labour’s Lost

Character: The Princess

Directed by: Kenneth Branagh

Written by: Kenneth Branagh

Produced by: Kenneth Branagh, David Barron

Cast Members: Kenneth Branagh, Alfred Bell, Richard Briers, Richard Clifford, Carmen Ejogo, Daisy Gough

Released date: March 31, 2000

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Musical

Duration: 1h 33min

"Love's Labour's Lost" takes place in 1939, when the King of Navarre and his three best friends make a pact to remain celibate for three years. When the Princess of France arrives with her three beautiful companions, their will, and honor, is put to the test immediately.


• A New Spin on the Old Song and Dance

Character’s Quotes

• A time, methinks, too short to make a world-without-end bargain in.
• All pride is willing pride, and yours is so.
• Thou shalt know her, fellow, by the rest that have no heads.

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