Carol’s Eve

Character: Debbie

Directed by: Valerie Mayhew

Written by: Pauline Lepor

Produced by: Christine Redlin, Richard Robert Redlin

Cast Members: Devora Millman, Richard Robert Redlin, Lesa Carlson, Allen Garfield, Boyd Jeffries, Barry Schwartz

Venue: MET Theatre in Hollywood, California

Genre: Comedy, Drama

The play is set at an office party on Christmas Eve, which is also Carol's (Devora Millman) 30th birthday. Carol's intended suicide attempt, from the balcony of an L.A. high-rise, is stopped when a stream of partygoers visit the terrace. The conflict begins when Carol meets Michael (R. Robert Redlin), the latter a former biker, now an unrelenting New Ager, who has experienced death when from an accident resulted in his coma.

Script developed by Never Enough Design