Blast from the Past

Character: Eve

Directed by: Hugh Wilson

Written by: Hugh Wilson, Bill Kelly

Produced by: Hugh Wilson, Amanda Stern, Claire Rudnick Polstein, Mary Kane, Renny Harlin

Cast Members: Brendan Fraser, Christopher Walken, Sissy Spacek, Dave Foley

Released date: February 12, 1999

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Duration: 1h 52min

Adam Webber (Brendan Fraser) has lived his entire life in confinement in a fallout shelter in Pasadena, Calif. When the Webber family's rations of food and supplies grow thin, Adam's eccentric father, Calvin (Christopher Walken), sends him on a dangerous restocking mission. When Adam emerges from the Webber family's subterranean refuge for the first time, he finds that rumors of a nuclear apocalypse were totally false -- and meets gorgeous Eve Rustikov (Alicia Silverstone).


• She was a woman of the world. He had never been around the block.
• She’d never met anyone like him. He’s never met anyone… Period.
• After 35 years in a bomb shelter, Adam Webber is finally going outside to play.

Character’s Quotes

• Now hold on, hold on just a minute! In the first place I do not fall in love with weirdos who I’ve only known for four or five days!
• Adam! She’s got ‘bitch’ written all over her. You do know what ‘bitch’ means, don’t you?
• Whenever Adam gives me, such obviously incorrect information. I just smile, slap him on the knee and look out the window. Why spoil his dreams? They’re such wonderful dreams.
• Yeah, let me guess something. This is your first visit to La-La-Land. You’re staying somewhere in Hollywood because like an idiot you thought that would be an exciting place to stay. Am I right so far?
• I knew it. So anyhow, you get on a bus and before you know it you’re stuck in the San Fernando Valley without a clue, which brings us to here. Correct again?
• See, I’m psychic. I mean not completely but pretty much. Pretty good, huh?

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