Angels in Stardust

Character: Tammy

Directed by: William Robert Carey

Written by: William Robert Carey

Produced by: Scott Dolezal

Cast Members: AJ Michalka, Billy Burke

Released date: February 21, 2014

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Duration: 1h 41min

An imaginative teenage girl, living in a mystical and dangerous community built on a deserted drive-in movie lot along the Texas/Oklahoma border, struggles to realize her potential, and escape the world she was born into.


• Anything is possible in Tardust.
• Hope… Faith… Desire…


• Alicia Silverstone joined the cast five days before the commencement of shooting.
• A prop person handed a fur to Alicia Silverstone, a vegetarian and devoted supporter of PETA, upsetting her.

Script developed by Never Enough Design